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This is me.

My name is Sheldon Pryor. Currently I am a Communications, Advertising major at California State University Fullerton. From being an endurance athlete to an enduring college student, I am prepared both mentally and physically to adapt to changing circumstances, timelines, and needs. My passion lies in leveraging digital tools to create content that inspires and tell stories that build branded communities. I am also extremely passionate about building up young leaders around me and inspiring leaders to be creative in an age of indifference. 

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Pushing creative boundaries on and off the bike.

From eight-hour endurance cycling races to leading and designing cross-platform campaigns for small organizations, I have put my creative limits to the test on the field and behind the desk. Whether it be finding a creative solution to adapt to a mechanical on the bike, or resolving a brand communication problem, I am adept at meeting the critical needs of the situation. 

Life and leadership are not easy roads to go down alone, that's why I want to invite you along for the journey. I hope that the resources you find on this website, from blog posts to podcast episodes will encourage you, sharpen you, and help you find the "creative advantage".

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